Friday, December 4, 2015

A Wayward Kickstarter - After the Apocalypse - Bad Math and No Details Make it a Failure Out of the Gate

A tip of the hat to +Andy Kitkowski over at the Kicksnarker Community.

So, just how bad is the After the Apocalypse Kickstarter? They can't even center their art correctly:

But wait! There's more!

Actually, no there isn't. Well, not much more:

That's it. That's the whole description of the game. Mechanics? Who gives a fuck! Setting? Fogetaboutit! Because as we all know, games that can cover all possible end of the world situations just aint out there. If you want a Mad Max meets Gamma World meets Walking Dead meets Mars Attacks, this is you game. No other game can do the same.

Or not.

But hey! Look at the amazingly affordable support levels and low goal:

But math! Only $5k can be raised by print backers, so I hope the other 1,500 backers like their 50 dollar PDFs. Or 7,500 backers like their $10 PDFs. How many backers did Numenera have? 3,317...


  1. Well that was made of epic fail. But they are not the first group that has put out a kickstarter and not looked at the others out there and thought to themselves.. Were going to need 5k backers to reach this goal.. and then wonder why they never come close.

  2. Not all game designers have the business acumen to run projects, that's why most firms keep the duties separate. I've been begging Kickstarter for years to add a new step in the project build process to include a financial model - I use my own for my projects to make sure that I can safely determine the project goal as well as financially deliver the project.

  3. Oh come on, the game says it will teach us the real world skills to survive! That has to be worth a $50 PDF. Granted I did back that high school student who was going to make the best RPG evar, I still have not seen my reward, but it was worth $5.00 for the entertainment value of his updates.

    1. Was that the one whose "world map" was drawn with crayons?

  4. It was called 50 Shades of Vorpal. By Athus Soulgazer.

    1. I feel like I spent $5 worth of time googling and then reading that KS page. I want my money/time back. #LOLcry

    2. Think of it like stealing, and it's makes it seem like a good deal.

  5. Funny - we published such a "generic Apocalypse" game, here in Italy, last spring, and put three "basic" settings in the core book - and it's doing quite well, so well we plan to release it in English. So, maybe this game has potential...
    But I think the KS was very, very ill-conceived.


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