Sunday, November 1, 2015

You Can Run, But You Can't Hide - Ken Whitless Moves to Atlanta

Kickstarter related lawsuits got you down? State attorney generals on your ass? Ownership of a certain fairy game going to court? Trying to dodge possible pending criminal charges for a domestic incident with your on again, off again, on again, off again girlfriend? (note - due to multiple deleted Facebook posts by the alleged victim, this part is mere conjecture - if you want my professional opinion, you know how to contact me)

No worries!

Move to Atlanta and leave your Kentucky troubles behind you!

Ken Whitless. Support the Kickstarters for the dream. Stick around for the drama.

BTW, did you see Ken's horrible release for the C&C TV Pilot? No, neither did the backers. Nor can I find the link. I saw it, and wasn't impressed.

Oh, and rumor has it Ken is growing a beard. Still can't hide that lovable mug.


  1. When you keep calling him "Ken Whitless," that means your posts won't show up in Google searches on his name.

  2. I thought it had said he had moved to Atlantis. Just try to find him there!

  3. Probably because the local AG had come a calling and it was time to move to stay ahead of the law.

    1. Don't think it will help him. There is a form of extradition between states on cases like this. Especially if more than one AG gets involved from multiple states which could boost it to a Federal case (cross-state commercial fraud).

  4. Is this the guy screwing around with Phil Brucato's "Deliria" or were you referring to a different fae-based game?

  5. Here is Ken's short. It was apparently the C&C KS short that it was rejected (for obvious reasons). Apparently Ken slapped a new name on it and released it anyway.


  6. That C&C "pilot"...wow. I've seen better films from kids. Little kids.


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