Saturday, November 7, 2015

Kickstarter - Agent of the Imperium: Marc Miller's Traveller Novel

Maybe with proper funding they can afford proper art for the book cover
Traveller, in the Black Starter Box release, was my first non-TSR RPG. It was also the first RPG I seriously tried to house rule - where the hell were the rules for character advancement? Such an obvious omission ;)

The background of the universe as I dug deeper into the system was damn cool, even if it did get muddled in later editions. Heck, my brother-in-law, who hasn't played an RPG in over 25 years still cherishes his Traveller books.

Marc Miller, now that T5 has been put to rest (preferably buried, but that's just me) is trying his hand at a Traveller Novel, Agent of the Imperium.

Color me intrigued.

I'm happy to back just for the history aspect of the project. Well, not real history, but the Traveller Universe has always been much more than the 2d6 system that powered the Little Black Books. I want to see where this goes.

Maybe, just maybe, there's a bit of morbid curiosity involved too.

In any case, it's smashed it's meager $1k goal and comfortable sits at over $20,000 with 535 backers. It certainly has a following.


  1. There is a sample you can read if you're interested.

  2. Having been a victim of the great T5 swindle, and a reader of the Marc Miller endorsed "Fate of the Kinunir" I wouldn't touch this with a fucking barge pole, ten foot or otherwsie.

    I rather slip Ken Whitman the price of a Starbucks than give FFE another penny.

  3. Heh, Starter Traveller. I've been told there is a skill development system for learning skills in play, and it says there is one in the text . . . but I still can't find it.

    I should have held onto my $12 and saved up another $8 for the $20 Deluxe Traveller set. Maybe it had the experience section.

  4. Loved original Traveller. I'm not sure that a game designer is the best person to write fiction. Will check out the sample to see if its any good.

  5. I didn't think T5 had been "laid to rest" yet. Theoretically, it is still in the process of change. I felt that the first revision (v. 5.09) was very good and a great help. I'm still an FFE supporter. Storytelling via role-play is different than storytelling via prose. I wish him well. At least he follows through on his projects..
    Starter Traveller, check Citizens of the Imperium, Mercenary and High Guard for additional character rules. I believe three months training equals the possibility of personal improvement (abilities) or learning a new skill. This is much more developed in MegaTraveller, T4 and Chadwick's/Nielsen's TNE.


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