Saturday, September 5, 2015

State of The Tavern - September 2015 - Midnight Tours, Tavern Chat and Other Fine Adjustments

Not me, but probably how I will look tonight
So, starting tonight I'm now working the midnight tour at work. Well, actually,starting at 730 tonight as I have some overtime on the front end - normal work hours will kick off at 930 the night before. Technically I'm going in tonight for Sunday -which doesn't really give me much of a Saturday.

What does this mean for The Tavern, it's readers and my Patreons? Just as I was fully adjusting to working evenings my body's internal clock is in for it's biggest shock yet. I may find some of those creative juices return as I'll be home for the later afternoon and evening hours or I may be a zombie due to lack of sleep. No idea at this point. I guess the next few weeks will tell.

One major change. Tavern Chat is moving to Thursday Nights, 9PM to 11PM Eastern. I get off at 6AM Thursday mornings for what amounts to something that supposedly resembles my weekend but I'm working Wednesday nights, so the old day would never work. Not saying I'll be able to be coherent Thursday night, but it should be entertaining none the less ;)

The next six months should be an interesting ride...


  1. I see what you did there.....hope it pads your account well for retirement.

  2. I used to work the graveyard shift at "the world's largest video store" in Las Vegas. Got to hang with a guy with sharpened teeth, a Marilyn Monroe impersonator (she looked amazing), and lots of drunks trying to steal adult movies. Great fun. Of course, that was before there was an internet, so how it would have affected by posting I cannot say.


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