Saturday, December 27, 2014

Wayward Kickstarter - Rpg modular tiles (2.5d tiles or something)

See the above? That is the only pic associated with the RPG modular tiles Kickstarter.

Where's the pics of the modular tiles? Damned if I know. I guess folks have to pony up $5,500 Canadian to find out. Or not. 3 days to go, 0 backers, 0 monies raised.

I can, however, give you the total text of the Kickstarter below:

Typos, poor grammar and general useless description aside (small rooms will be 9 to 18 square inches - that's one hell of a range) the one thing folks will want to see is actual samples. I assume there are none, as the $5,500 is probably to buy the 3d printer - or is it a 2.5d printer. I literally have no idea, as there is no indication as to what the $5,500 is for. Nor do i care.

I am impressed that the project creator played, or at least owns, or possible owns, or at least know about the Palladium RPG. Now, knowing how Kevin is, did he get permission to use the image to hock his product?


  1. That image has been floating around for a while now, and has appeared on other blogs and possibly storefronts. If they're grabbing random Google images to represent their product then they've got problems.

  2. The funny thing is, they could have easily grabbed some of the many pictures of people's home-made 2.5 D tiles. They are very useful, but the whole point of the 2.5 D movement was that people can make then out of what would normally go in the recycling bin + hot glue + cheap paint + time. The point of the 2.5 D movement was not to buy an expensive product, people who want to buy expensive tiles (and I've never seen anything from a 3D printer that isn't expensive) will just go for the full 3D a la Dwarven Forge or will even buy nicely drawn 2D tiles.

  3. Did you not read that he has figured out what RPG gamers want? Oh ye of little faith.

    Also, no such thing as 2.5 dimensions; what he describes is 3 dimensions with low walls.


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