Friday, December 26, 2014

Falling Skies - Damn, if This Doesn't Look to be an Excellent RPG Setting

I'm really enjoying Falling Skies, even if I'm only watching the first season thanks to Amazon Prime.

The whole alien invasion and fighting back against insurmountable odds.

I'm figuring Savage Worlds, but I'm more comfortable with OSR variants. Maybe one of +Kevin Crawford 's rulesets.

Anyone else have similar thoughts?


  1. Definitely could be used for a setting for either an OSR variant (like Stars Without Number or Other Dust) or Savage Worlds. Not the best show on but it has been entertaining. Nice piece of brain candy.

  2. I tend to see Savage Worlds as the generic go to for just about anything, but maybe Open D6, X-plotters or Mutant Future would work.

  3. Mutant Future would be fine for this setting.

  4. Big fan of the show! I've toyed with the idea of making it a game setting quite often, or at least using it as the primary inspiration.

  5. Would definitely be a good OSR setting, but in Season 3 and 4, it starts to change to more of a high power feel with megaweaponry. Didn't care for the directions it went. Got convoluted and lost that gritty OSR feel for me.

  6. There is a new open d6 based rpg called First Contact: X-Corps that looks like it would would. The game is currently being translated from Spanish.


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