Friday, December 5, 2014

Tavern Doors to Reopen Tomorrow

I worked 30 hrs straight from yesterday until today. I napped for about 2 hrs this afternoon and expect to fully crash shortly.

I know that The Tavern is known for consistent posting and my plan is to obviously continue with that, conditions permitting.

Tomorrow expect updates for the 2014 OSR Christmas (as well as emails out to those providing PDF gifts from Day 1), list of Day 2 gift receivers, photos of my amazing Frog God Games grab bag and other bits and pieces.

As for now - I do believe sleep calls...


  1. Rest well, good sir.

    You deserve the break from all outside pressures for a while.

  2. Good night, sweet prince,
    And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

  3. Glad to see your back! Now get some serious sleep!

  4. Wow, thought my 12 hour days were bad. We wI'll still be here when you wake up:)

  5. Glad you came through safe and sound. Get some rest. Your adoring lemmings await your return.

  6. (distant sound of Tavern Staff installing an espresso machine next to the whiskey bar)


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