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OSR Christmas 2014 - Reaching Insane Levels of Holiday Cheer - Final Complete List of Holiday Cheer

This is the final update to the list of Christmas Gift Giving for the OSR Christmas. Well, unless I missed something. In which case the final update will need an update.

In any case, here we go :)

 - A Basic Fantasy RPG Print Bundle (US Only) including the Basic Fantasy RPG Core Book, Morgansfort, Monkey Isle, Chaotic Caves and the Fortress, Tomb and TowerAdventure Anthology 1 generously donated by Billy's Books & More on Amazon (billysbooks1968 on Ebay)

- 2.5D Print & Paste Dungeon Tiles Starter Set [BUNDLE] - donated by Middle Kingdoms Exploration & Trading Co

-1x HL-MEGA Havenland Mega icon set, 1x NR-CORE Narrasil Core icon set and 1x NTH-CORE Neath 3D Dungeon/Cavern Components for SketchUp donated by MonkeyBlood Design

-Set of Swords and Wizardry card decks - Monster, Spell, Hireling, and Equipment decks
-Swords and Wizardry Monstrosities hardcover
-Swords & Wizardry adventures - Grimmsgate, MCMLXXV, and Strange Bedfellows
-DCC adventure - Sailors on the Starless Sea
-Necromancer Games d20 adventures - The Six Spheres of Zaihhess, The Coils of Set, Vindication
-Necromancer Games d20 supplements - Tome of Horrors III hardcover; Unusual Suspects NPC Gallery
Above donated by Keith N - Mark these as US only

- The novel Heraclix and Pomp in print - ships worldwide - donated by the author, Forrest Aguirre

- a set of 5 miniatures, a human cleric (male) with a tome on a stand and 4 elves (male) in heavy plate and big @$$ swords. US only - donated by Boric Glanduum


- 6 PDF copies of Assault on the Southern Horn (osr) and six pdf copies of Paranormal Investigators and Exterminators (PIE) for mini-six donated by +Johua De Santo

and here's the previous listing of Holiday Cheer:

Rob Kuntz's The Original Bottle City adventure, reprinted by Black Blade this past summer;

Rob Kuntz's Cairn of the Skeleton King adventure, originally published by Rob's Pied Piper Publishing imprint, now out of print;

Rob Kuntz's Tower of Blood adventure, originally published by Rob's Pied Piper Publishing imprint, now out of print;

Rob Kuntz's and Lance Hawvermale's Campaign Treasuries supplement, originally published by Rob's Pied Piper Publishing imprint, now out of print.

The above is being donated by +Jon Hershberger and Black Blade Publishing. Jon will ship the above anywhere in the world on Black Blade's dime, so unless Jon tells me otherwise, this is a bundle of Holiday Cheer ;)

But wait, there's more!

TWO sets of Dyson's Delves Volume I+II in Print (softcover) +Dyson Logos

- 3 PDF copies of Adventurous Locations I - The Broken Tower donated by +Anthony Hunter

- 1 full set of The Undercroft zine, shipping anywhere in the world donated by +Daniel Sell

- 3 sets of Dungeonmorph Dice (Adventurer, Explorer & Spellunker) as a bundle sent pretty much anywhere in the world. Donated by +Joe Wetzel

- two copies of the elite and very rare "A Collection of Presentations, Cartographical in Nature" donated by +matt jackson

- Print copies of Cryptworld and Timemaster donated by +Tim Snider and Goblinoid Games, as a bundle shipped anywhere in the world

- a complete set of The Manor zine in PDF, donated by by +Tim Shorts

If I've missed anything (and I probably have) let me know at tenkarsDOTtavernATgmailDOTcom. Tuesday is the last day to add to Santa's Bag of Holding ;)

and of course the previously donated loot:

Peril and Plunder in Print donated by Jeff Carpenter

Attack of the Frawgs (PDF), Haunting of Larvik Island (PDF), Stronghold of the Wood Giant Shaman (PDF) donated by +Stephen Newton (yes, more DCC RPG goodness)

2 PDF copies of the complete Straycouches collection (Crawl! and other goodies) and one Print copy (US Only) of said collection donated by +Dak Ultimak

- Complete PDF Collection of Spes Magna Games releases by +Mark Chance

A Guide to the Astral Plane (AD&D Planescape) and The Glory of Rome Campaign Sourcebook(AD&D Historical Reference) - Print copies of these TSR Classics again donated by +Mark Chance

- free commissioned piece of artwork (a4, b/w, old school styled) donated by +m foczka , a sample of whose work graces this post above

First Sentinel Limited & One of the last Whisper & Venom boxed sets donated by Lesser Gnome Games - +Zach Glazar IS The Man. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.

- Hard copy of Trolls of Mistwood (DCC) by +David Fisher

- A PDF copy of The Caves of Ortok (choose between LL, S&W, or OSRIC)

- A PDF copy of Bearing A Grudge (choose between LL, S&W, or OSRIC)

- A PDF copy of the Noh-Cha Classbook

- A sub to Issues 1-6 of Another Bunch of Content in PDF (the above donated by Infinibadger Press +Jason Paul McCartan )

Dyson's Delves Volume I + II donated by +Tony T

- An assortment of +Purple Duck Games  DCC Adventures in print (they are in The Tavern's Prize Closet - need to verify what is in there)

- 1 set of print copies of Crawling Under a Broken Moon DCC fanzine (print) +Reid San Filippo

- PDF copy of the Sunken City Omnibus (DCC) +Jon Marr

- a complete set of Crawljammer (DCC) (print) +Tim Callahan

- Complete Vivimancer and the first issue of the new zine Wizardzine (print copies) +Gavin Norman

Castle of the Mad Archmage books in softcover +Joseph Bloch

- 12 PDFs of Far Realms, 12 PDFs of Far Realms - More Spells and 1 print version of Far Realms(holy crap if I must say so myself ;) +Rick Stump

- print copy of the S&W Player's Companion, signed +James Spahn

- PDF copy of the LL Class Compendium +James Spahn

- some gems from The Tavern's vaults (my wife is making me downsize my collection, even as I upsize it ;)

holy shit but this is amazing!


  1. Add six pdf codes from rpgnow for Assault on the Southern Horn (osr) and six pdf codes for Paranormal Investigators and Exterminators (PIE) for mini-six

  2. I can only agree with the above statements of amazement. Thanks Erik, and thanks to the big, generous, world of gamers, publishers and authors out there!

  3. Add a custom-made 3x5" hex paper notebook, shippable worldwide. More details in your spam folder, probably.

  4. Looks great. I hope the loot is not waylaid by the minions of Krampus!

  5. Wow thats quite the list! Thanks to all the donors, and Erik for putting this together :)


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