Thursday, September 4, 2014

More Judges Guild - The Original, Revised & Expanded Tegel Manor

Another of my recent eBay acquisitions. Technically, it's a Gamescience product and not Judges Guild, but this is the reprint that Gamescience did for the 89 (or was it 90) Origins Convention. Only 100 copies were printed, and this copy is in mint condition.

One huge advantage of the Gamescience version of Tegal Manor is that it is not printed on newsprint.

I also grabbed some inexpensive Judges Guild D&D and AD&D adventures. When I pick up the DM reigns for the weekly group again (I'm enjoying my current turn in the player's seat) I'm torn between running Lost City of Barakus and a series of Judges Guild adventures from back in the day.

Ah well, plenty of time to figure all that out ;)


  1. Looks like you are not waiting around for those damn new fangled archival books.

  2. I bought new, and still have, a copy of this. Well, not this Origins reprint, but it is a Gamescience print of it. It's the most fun Old School module I've read. It's chock-full of craziness. I wish I'd had the chance to run it back in the day. If I can scrounge together a group again, it's definitely going to end up in any campaign I run.

  3. You should totally use crayons to color in that black and white cover!


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