Saturday, August 23, 2014

OSRGAMING.ORG Domain Actively Being Shopped

+Vincent Florio has told me that OSRGAMING.ORG, a domain that he holds and which hosts the forums of many RPG podcasts, is actively taking offers. Vince refused to state why the domain is being shopped, but he did say he had received at least one credible offer thus far.

Not a bad domain to own if you desired to be a hub in the community.

Shit - maybe we could crowdsource the funds to make a viable offer.


  1. Or your could just start osrgaming.something else

  2. What's interesting isn't so much that he's considering selling but that somebody's interested in buying. Will it be related content or a completely new meaning of "OSR"?

  3. osrgaming.com is registered but no content

    may just be trying to make some cash with domain names

    I think it is a dull name for a website

  4. I'd buy it just to keep to forums there going, if nothing else. I'd be afraid of the new owner taking everything down and starting a bid to be the new voice of the OSR.


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