Wednesday, September 4, 2013

30 Day D&D Challenge - Day Four - Give Me the World

Day Four is "Favorite Game World".

This really is a no brainer - the answer is "The World of Greyhawk". And not one of the boxed sets either, but the original folio.

Back in my High School years, the group I ran decided they wanted to take over the Wild Coast when they hit name level. We didn't have much in the way of rules for running battles and campaigns on the scale of major wars, so I had to scratch some rules out by hand. I wish I could find those rules now. I'm sure they sucked, but 17 and willing to take a chance and say "here ya go - lets do some strategic battles with these rules and random tables I just wrote up" impresses the 46 year old me ;)

They did conquer much of the Wild Coast, but they were never able to hold it. Greyhawk to the north didn't look kindly on a new a powerful southern neighbor, and the Pomarj certainly didn't like the happenings to their north.

Besides, it wasn't called "The Wild Coast" for nothing.

Good times :)


  1. My first long-running game took place there, but the DM made areas up, so really it could have been any world. I've always wanted to play in Greyhawk again, though.

  2. Greyhawk has always been my favorite and its what I still play, today.

    Though, of course, I have played in other worlds. But Greyhawk remains my favorite.

  3. Love Greyhawk. Have the folio, but it is in terrible condition. I need to get a replacement.

  4. It's seen better days but I still have the folio. We had plenty of good times playing in Greyhawk.

  5. I love Greyhawk, partly out of nostalgia. The 1983 boxed set was the first campaign setting I bought and I still have the two booklets (the map and actual box have disintegrated). I'm also going to stick my head above the parapet and say "Forgotten Realms" IF I as a DM pick and choose, and don't feel obliged to stick to canon. There is a lot of material for FR, both printed and online, and if I, as DM, don't let Mary-Sue NPCs run the show or worry about what the FR Wiki says (currently 12,000 articles and counting) I can run any sort of adventure including those created for generic D&D.


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