Wednesday, December 21, 2011

The OSR Christmas Stocking is Full of Goodies This Year

Let's see what we have hanging from the fireplace this year:

Carcosa and Isle of the Unknown by Raggi's LotFP - I really need to find the time to review these two.

The Blasphemous Brewery of Pilz! which I reviewed last night.

Thousand Suns from James of at Grognardia - we've been hearing about this one for a while. I probably won't get a chance to peek until things die down over the holidays.

Weird Adventure - this one came out of no where and looks extremely interesting. I'm finding it hard to resist, but my plate is full, so I think I can wait.

I'm sure I missed a few others. I might need a second stocking ;)


  1. The Weird Adventures hardcopy will be out in the New Year, to give your plate some time to clear. :)

    It's hardly outta nowhere, though--I've had a "Coming Soon" up on my blog for over a year! ;)

  2. yeah, but i only read the posts ;)

    i looks really good from what little i've seen. love the concept. i need to dig though my current pile before i can get to it though.

  3. Save room in your virtual stocking for Secret Santicore!


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