Monday, December 19, 2011

On the 25th Day of free Gaming Swag, My Bartender Gave to Meeeeee: The Walking Dead (All Flesh Must Be Eaten Introductory Game Kit)

What better way to celebrate the holidays than by playing a scared, nearly hopeless lost soul in a world that's been over run by the walking dead.  They're dead I tell you!  Good thing I was in law enforcement before the world turned to shit... what, that's the TV show.

In any case,  kick some undead ass in this introduction to All Flesh Must Be eaten.

From the blurb:

My God, these people are dead!

They're walking around and they're dead!

You wake up in a hospital, confused, alone, haunted by memories of the injury that put you there, and by strange dreams calling you to travel. You're surrounded by strangers, others who look as confused as you. Nobody knows what 's going on. There's only one thing for sure.

The world has gone to Hell.

You haven' t seen another living soul since you woke up. But that isn't to say you haven' t seen others walking around. Because the city is crawling wi th walkers... rotting, starved, ravenous walkers who may once have been people, but now are just animated corpses, hungry for your flesh and blood. Your only hope: follow the dreams to find the survivors. But are your dreams leading you to hope and a new beginning...or betrayal and a death trap?

This is the world after the Rise... a world where the living struggle to reclaim society from the dead, for whom All Flesh Must Be Eaten!

Welcome to the All Flesh Must Be Eaten Introductory Game Kit!

Inside you will find:

• Complete, streamlined rules for playing the All Flesh Must Be Eaten role playing game

• Six complete archetypes--Cast Members ready to play

• A complete adventure scenario and campaign outline which can be played in one or two sessions, or form the basis of months of continuous play.


  1. I believe it's actually called "The Waking Dead." I did the same thing myself when I first looked at it. Our brains are funny things.


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