Thursday, November 24, 2011

On the Third Day of free Holiday Swag, my Bartender Gave to Meeee...Some D6 RPG Gaming!

Yep, I've mentioned this stuff in the past, but as it is Thanksgiving here in the states, I'm giving thanks that the entire line was released for free.  This is the same core D6 system that powered West End Games' Star Wars, Xena, Men in Black and others.  It's only gotten better and the system has gotten tighter.  You literally can't go wrong with it.

Let's see some what they offer for free:

The new D6 System roleplaying game series offers fans of one of the most popular cinematic systems a new way to get their favorite game. Combining the best of over 15 years of D6 System design ? including systems appearing in Men in Black, DC Universe, Hercules & Xena, and the awarding-winning Star Wars roleplaying game ? each D6 System rulebook provides an attribute and skill set tailored specifically to the genre while using a game engine that's cross-genre compatible. The covers, when placed together with D6 Adventure in the middle, form a stunning panoramic image.

D6 Fantasy Rulebook- Suitable for any non-modern fantasy setting, including high fantasy, low fantasy, and swashbuckling.

Combining the best of over 15 years of D6 System design, D6 Adventure Rulebook provides you with the basics for playing in a wide range of modern settings, from the Wild West to the Near Future, such as pulp action, espionage, and low-powered super heroes. You'll get everything you need to add the popular D6 System to your favorite setting.

D6 Space Rulebook- Suitable for any far future setting, including cybernetics and space travel.


  1. Yeah, good stuff. They used to have 6 bundle together but they broke it up...here's 7 books and the setting they released for free at the very end. The d6 books are all OGL but the setting (Septimus) belongs to someone else, so no OGL...still a great source book. Find'em here:


  2. yep, the supplements may be listed later in a bonus swag post ;)

  3. Drink deep from the free goodness well :)

    I have a promise to keep...they will be getting page one coverage for restoring the service whatever the reason.

    Happy T-Day


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