Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kindle Fire and My Gaming PDFs - A Working Combination

It took a while for me to figure out the best (and simplest) manner to integrate my gaming PDF collection with my new Amazon Kindle Fire.  With the iPad, it was easy enough to use the relatively inexpensive GoodReader to access my DropBox account and read my PDFs.  As far as I can tell, there is no GoodReader app for the Android OS.

Luckily for me, Amazon was offering QuickOffice Pro for free last Monday.  Normally 15 bucks, this app connects directly to my DropBox account and allows me to read by PDFs.  The fact that it also allows me to work with MS Word and Excel documents is a plus.

I've also used Box.Net to bring my PDFs over and read them using Adobe Reader.  This is kinda the no frills, free method (assuming you have a Box.Net account).

I'm sure there are folks with more experience then I have with Android, just keep in mind, not all Android Apps work on the Fire.

As for how they look?  The Fire screen is pretty damn sharp.  I have no complaints.  The iPad's 10" screen makes for a better reading experience in general, but the Fire's screen and size makes for a better "in bed" reading experience.


  1. Gaming pdfs was the #1 reason I got an iPad

  2. So, no problems with DRM or anything? I'm really tempted to get an Kindle Fire, but would mainly use it for gaming PDFs.

  3. i haven't had gaming PDFs with DRM issues since before the DriveThruRPG / RPGNow merge (DTRPG was notorious for locked down PDFs)

  4. Great. My wife is snagging me one of these today.

  5. I got my wife a Kindle Fire and she wrote a blog post about her first reaction to it - http://www.karenbaney.com/archives/998

  6. ezPDF is the best PDF reader I have found for Android devices. You should give it a look. It is less system-intensive than Acrobat Reader, which is the main reason I liked it.


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