Saturday, September 17, 2011

It's Time For a Contest - Tell Me About Your Favorite Bard

Woot!  150 fine patrons of this tavern!  So let me tell you what I'm a gonna do.

I want YOU to tell me about your favorite Bard.  Fiction, movie, tv, comic book, player character, NPC, homeless guy you see near work - whoever it is that you think makes for an awesome Bard, I want to hear about.  Just add your comment to this post and you'll be entered.

What do you get in return?  I'm giving away 2 PDF copies of Knockspell #6 - one to my favorite entry and one to a random entry.  Winners will need to supply me with the email address they use with RPGNow / DriveThruRPG as the PDFs will be gifted to their accounts.

Contest ends at 1159 PM NYC Time on Monday, September 19, 2011.


  1. OLAF... the one who tells the Griselda stories in Pavis!

  2. My entry would be Thomas the Mad Minstrel. No one can understand him when he speaks. He mumbles, grumbles and laughs for no apparent reason at all. When battle begins he gets out his drum and tries to make more noise than the enemy. During one long battle with a army of goblins and orcs, Thomas stayed on the wall pounding his drum for two days straight. Cursing the enemy with his unintelligible language. Despite his strange behavior the soldiers enjoy Thomas's music at night when he plays his lute.

  3. Dr Seuss is still may favorite of all time. Rhyme and silly flow but he buries everyone else I can think of by being rememberable. If I were to play a bard, he'd be in inspiration.

    Brilliant bards are only remember by other bards. Longevity can lead to fame across generations.

  4. Cacofonix, of course. He may have a different name over there in the Colonies, but you can't go wrong with Asterix's bard.

  5. It was not mine but a friends bard in one of our early AD&D campaigns. The name was Caryn O'Manyon. It was a male character so I was not sure about the name. They were a Scottish bard that played the bagpipes. Regrettably I do not recall much more about him than that. It was short lived campaign and the bard even died before it ended as I recall. It was just the fact that he played bagpipes and the name that made him memorable to me for some reason.

  6. This Guy! Keith Richards as the 12th level Bard Lich!

    This picture/idea actually makes me want to include a Bard PC class in my game. So, that's why he's my favorite Bard!


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