Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Coming Up On Two Years of Blogging

Next Tuesday, May 31st, will make two years of blogging for me (I actually started the blog 3 years ago, but never posted until 2009). It's amazing how fast time passes. I'm also surprised that I found the time to start blogging the day after my son's 16th birthday. Following the math, he turns 18 this holiday weekend. Busy times but fun times.

Last year I spent $10 for google to allow me to use my own domain name. They handled it all on their end, one of the easiest transactions I've ever placed on the internet. Goggle/Blogger hosts my blog, but you don't need to add "blogspot" to the web address. Well worth 10 bucks a year.

Hopefully I've learned how to keep things interesting and entertaining. That being said, I'm still learning. Please, forgive the post that land flat. I'm sure there are many ;)

Now I need to think of something for the 2 year anniversary post... and the 1k post is sneaking up too.


  1. Woo-hoo! Congrats on the blogoversary!

  2. Congratulations! And yes, it has always been interesting and/or entertaining. Keep up the good work.

  3. When we last met, you were the master......

    uh.... nevermind. ;)

  4. Well done. I am very happy to read your posts. Keep up the good work!

  5. thanks all... a week to go for the blog b-day ;)


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