Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Distracted State

All this white stuff that fell on NYC (19" in Central Park) was left me very distracted.  The kid in me wants to build snow forts and have snow ball fights, the adult in me dreads having to dig out the car and the gamer in me is remembering the random weather tables from an old issue of Dragon Magazine (many of the entries would make these 19" seem like a dusting).

So, what's my solution to all this?  I'm taking tomorrow off from work so I can shovel and do some game related reading at my leisure.  Well, that and the sergeant I share responsibilities with is going to be off the next two weeks.  I'll be doing the work of two.  May as well rest up now ;)

I do have some game related ideas bouncing around my head, but they are hard to lock down.  Unless, of course, my head is on the pillow and I'm trying to sleep.  Then the overdrive kicks in.  One day I'll actually write the stuff down.  Heh


  1. The pillow is like a bag of holding that leaks

  2. God yes!

    I used to try the tape recorder by the bed method, but i never made much sense when i would listen to it in the morning ;)

  3. If it makes you feel better it was 76 degrees and sunny at the beach today. There were girls in bikinis laying on the sand. I was, er, distracted while surfing....

  4. You... Are... an... EVIL MAN!


  5. I survived 5 winters in NYC and saw maybe an accumulation of 2" the entire time.

  6. heh, I remember a few low snow winters.

    96 was bad, as was 2004 if i recall correctly

    this year is bad and january isnt even over yet


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