Friday, December 17, 2010

Grading the Players

In the Castles & Crusades game I play in via Fantasy Grounds 2, Rob, our DM, has us award bonus expo to the other players in the group. Usually you get like 100 expo to divide between 3 or 4 other players as you see fit (via "Whispers" in the FG2 VTT - it's all anonymous yo!)

I know, it doesn't sound like much, but in a 5 player group, that's an extra 500 XP in the pot. As the game is high on role-play and lower on combat, those points can add up. Well, at once a month gaming, it doesn't add up fast, but still ;)

Now, the only time I had experienced anything vaguely similar was at Gen Con back in the early 90's. It was a multi-tiered tourney series, and all the players had to vote for the top 3 in their 6 person group at the end of each round.

I never gave it much thought after that single experience, but I did award some bonus expo for good roleplaying during some of the games I ran, which admittedly, is very subjective, and is probably better served by Rob's method.

Do you award your player's any sort of bonus for good roleplaying? Do you let the player's award each other a small bonus (like Rob does)? Pros? Cons?

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  1. In my old Warhammer campaign, we would usually kick 50xp towards whoever had the most memorable line or moment in the session.

  2. We do that at our WOD every session. It's pretty fun.

  3. I ALWAYS award good roleplaying. I have penalized bad role playing too.

  4. I award for good role playing; although, I like the idea of handing that chore over to the players.

  5. I had a house rule in my C&C campaign that the players would vote on the session's MVP at the end of each session. The award would be 100XP times the MVP's level.


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