Sunday, June 13, 2010

Weekend Buybacks for June 13th

Sometimes you have a plethora* of free releases on RPGNow, sometimes you don't.  This time is somewhere in between, certainly closer to "don't have" tho'.  In times like this, we dig back a bit for our free gaming fodder.

ARTIFACTS: Ducks of Ultimate Doom from Le Games.  20 pages

Listen, with a title and cover art like this, how the hell could I pass this up?  It might be worse then sh!t on a cracker, but who cares? 

Darwin's World 2: Gazetteer from RPG Objects.  32 pages

If you run a Mutant Future game, or any other type of post apocalypse type game, there are some great ideas to borrow and rip.  If you run a Darwin's World 2 game, obviously you are set ;)

Altus Adventum Core Rulebook From Sacrosanct Games.  154 pages

This product is the core rulebook to the Altus Adventum fantasy RPG. It contains everything you need for both the GM and players to run a full campaign, including detailed combat rules, four distinct magic systems, many arcane treasures, and over a hundred fantastic creatures in the bestiary.

 The game is designed to bring back that old school feel of "kill them and take their stuff!" while not giving anything up in storyline or gameplay. The combat system is designed to move very rapidly, while at the same time offering a tremendous amount of flexibility to the player.
Does it count as Old School?  Probably not.  Can you lift and steal from it for your own home game?  Certainly.

* A superabundance; an excess.  Yes, I had to look it up.  I knew what it meant... in a kinda, sorta way of it

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  1. That's one of the bloody cool things, about the internet. Whenever I'm writing and think of a word to use, which I kinda sorta know the meaning of, I can inform myself in a matter of seconds.:)


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