Monday, February 1, 2010

Review - The Hideout for FG2

Short and Quick review, as the module itself is short. 

The Hideout is a Savage Worlds mini-adventure for use with the Savage Worlds Ruleset and the Fantasy Grounds 2 Virtual Table Top (VTT).

The Hideout details an encounter with Poachers (think evil Ranger types and you get close to the type) that the party might stumble between adventures.  Its a combat encounter at its heart, which will require tactical play on the part of the PCs.  A head on assault will probably be... less then successful.

It is set in White Haired Man's Kith’takharos setting, which is available in a rule agnostic format for free at White Haired Man's website.  It is very much set in the setting and is not really a stand alone encounter.  It's purpose is to fill the gap between two adventures, and it fill that gap well.

PCs can earn themselves a new enemy and might even find themselves a fairly unique magic item if they survive the encounter ;)

It might be a bit light ( the PDF, which is very well done, runs  2 pages) compared to the amount of material you get with other White Haired Man products but it packs a lot into the smaller package.

So, after all that, how does it rate?   I'd say the encounter itself is a strong 4, FG2 programing a solid 5, value is a 3.  It's a short but complete adventure that accomplishes its goal, which is to serve as a viable drop in (or intermission)  between larger adventures or story arcs .  Which averages out to a strong 4 for The Hideout, Savage Worlds Edition (just noticed they released it in OGL/3.5 too).

Thanks again to White Haired Man for giving me the opportunity to dig thru their stuff ;)


  1. I appreciate the review. Our inspiration for this type of adventure is the one-sheet adventures Pinnacle offers for Savage Worlds. We wanted a way to explore aspects of Kith'takharos that wouldn't be appropriate for a longer adventure, and also a way to be creative without being committed to a full-blown adventure. We call these short adventures Simple Scenarios.

    We have restricted ourselves to a 2 page PDF, and craft the Simple Scenario to fit this constraint. This also forces an economy of style that cuts all fat from the writing; it also makes sure we don't let the adventure get out of control and become a bigger project than intended. I consider such writing a challenge, and it is more difficult than one may think.

    I've also learned that adventures which appear short can sometimes be deceptive. Right now, we're playtesting another Simple Scenario in a Kith'takharos Savage Worlds campaign. Those two pages have filled two Fantasy Grounds sessions, and we're ready for the third.

  2. Heh, I'm playing in a Fantasy Grounds Campaign which has taken us 4 sessions just to find the dungeon ;)

    The Hideout succeeds in its mission of being an interlude between story arcs. It's just that compared to other voluminous White Haired Man products, this one requires a change in perspective ;)


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