Monday, February 15, 2010

Grown Geeks - The Reckoning

Watching the the Dungeons and Dragons documentary last nite got me thinking about my old gaming group.  The core of the group are still close friends and we aim to get together about once a season (The Gathering of Fools).  Of course, we rarely get close to any type of gaming in these gatherings... we distract ourselves by ac ting silly and watching stupid, but gaming related, movies.

Looking at the group I'm not sure if any of us found the career we expected to find when we gamed multiple times a week:

Dave and Bri - managing techies for a large international firm (also known as the Stormbringer Brothers)

Tony - VP at a major American bank

John (Tony's brother) - physical therapist for the stars

Erik (me) - Sergeant in a major metropolitan police force

Paul - lost on 9-11 but not forgotten - the first of us to find success and inspiration for all

None of us became rock stars, or got to make a living off our love for gaming.

But we did find our way.  We did maintain our friendships.  In the end, that is what has always made gaming such a huge part of our lives... the friendships we found and strengthened.  It why I've never been able to fully step away from the hobby.  One can never have enough friends :)

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