Sunday, February 14, 2010

D&D Experience - Video Documentary

I wish I could find the blog that posted this link to the Dungeons & Dragons  Experience.  It's a decent documentary on D&D, its players and a bit of the history of the game.  It includes interviews gamers, writers and with members of the gaming industry, including EGG.

There where more then a handful of cringe inducing moments, quite possibly because I could relate to them.  The last part in the series has a nice EGG interview after the credits.  Altogether the 7 parts add up to about 70 minutes of viewing.


  1. I clicked the link, saw a dingy basement, heard a goofy accent, saw candles and, well, why the hell does every gaming documentary have to start like that?!

    I'll try again later. ;)

  2. the goofy english accent is annoying.... all the interviews are here in the states. The basement isnt THAT dingy... my basement was dingy with a cat that would constantly poop under the gaming table ;)

    it wasnt a bad doc tho... just need to get thru the first part :)


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