Thursday, February 18, 2010

Disorganized Adventure

(Be advised... there is a Rant below)

This afternoon I started prepping myself for the last part of my vacation... heading back to the Poconos and hoping to get even more reading in then last weekend.  Part of that prep was scouring my hard drive for LL and S&W adventures.  I've made PDF purchases from RPGNow, Lulu, Yourgamesnow, publisher sites direct, downloaded from Dragonsfoot... and they are all over the friggin HD, named things like "GR6657" which tells me absolutely nada.

I am not an organized person by nature.  I try at times, but the sustained effort frequently escapes me.  So yes, I have files here, there and everywhere.  Which is bad enough.  But with the advent of modern day operating software and such, there is no need to have some random esoteric file name for "The Big Ass Dungeon From Hell".  Why name it "IS66494e" when you can simply name it "The Big Ass Dungeon From Hell, or "Big Ass Dungeon" or even "Bigassdungeon".  For the love of all that is Holy, can we get some files that actually have descriptive names?  Is it really that hard?  Am I missing something?  Cause I KNOW I'm not the only disorganized schmuck that purchases PDFs.

Anyhow, my new portable 500 gb HD is the proud owner of new directories, such as "LL Core Rules", "LL Adventures", "SW Core Rules", "SW Variant Rules" and such.  The files I'm finding I'm renaming to say what they are, not some random binary code.

I'm trying to be organized.  Really.  Maybe some more publishers could help by doing the same.


  1. I share some of your pain. I am undergoing a major transformation of how I will organize data on my computer. Apparently, my "Clutter Factor" reached overload only a few days before yours.

  2. Its a work in progress for me. Looks like it will be a long road too. In the end tho' I might actually have an idea of all the crap I have ;)


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