Wednesday, June 1, 2016

So Many Peoples at NTRPG Con, and Me Without My Selfie Stick

Its the day before the con, and so far Rach and I have met, conversed, eaten with or shared drinks with (or some combination of the above): +Tim Snider , +Zach Glazar , +Joe Wetzel , +David Przybyla , +Matt Finch , Paul & Brenda Wolf, +Jason Hobbs , +Michael Badolato , +Doug Kovacs , +Michael Curtis , +Dennis Higgins , +Richard LeBlanc , +Frank Mentzer ,  david welborn, doug reah and others whose names escape me. All were saved from the selfie stick because I forgot the damn thing when I was packing.

Imagine what tomorrow may bring...


  1. Have a good time (I know you will). Some day I have to get down there and experience it myself firsthand.

  2. I cannot abide you not taking smiling selfies with lots and lots of people. I'll be bringing a selfie stick for you. I think my first game is the Dark Outpost game this evening. If I don't find you before hand, try to find me there.