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Thursday, March 31, 2016

Sword Coast Legends Developer n-Space Shuts Down - Did The D&D Digital Curse Do Them In?

It's all over the internet. Well, not ALL over. But in the right corner you will find a few articles discussing Swords Coasts Legends developer n-Space closing it's doors. SCL never really lived up to it's expectations. It was a Dungeons and Dragons game without much Dungeons & Dragons mechanics, and a DM with group feature that felt very incomplete and clunky the very little time I experimented with it.

So, lets see, how many failed digital adventures can we link to D&D in the recent years? 4e's VTT and failure to digitally monetize, the death of Project Morningstar for 5e, Pathfinder's MMO fiasco and now Sword Coast Legends.

Ah well, I guess I should finish the single player storyline for SCL when i get the chance.

Should still be coming to Xbox One and PS4 though. Go figure.

Read more here, here and here.


  1. You forgot the 3e character generator that had a sample in the back of the 3e PHB... a sample for a product that never got completed.

  2. Never even actually tried SCL. Just seem that interesting to me based on what I was reading before it was released, then the reviews I read just after.

    I still have that cd in my 3e PHB.

    1. I think mine came with dragon magazine...i didnt get one with my australian release.

  3. +Fantasy Grounds for the win!


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