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Friday, October 2, 2015

Kickstarter - Legends of Mesenia - RPG (with adult themes... and beer)

This anthropomorphic something or other has no feet!
When this is your tagline:
Legends of Mesenia is a 18+ role playing game. Filled with monsters, empires, quests, chicks and beer!
and you can't get past 30 bucks of a $9k goal with just over 2 days left to fund, you should have pulled the plug weeks ago.

Just look at the amazing world map:

The first chapter of the game will take place in Erdora. Thank God it's detailed.

Thankfully there is a blog where you can view screenshots and such:


Oops. Looks like that's gone now. Maybe he pulled one of the plugs on this project.

Damnit. The demo was deleted too.

At least there are 2 concept sketches in the first (and only update):

I think I need that beer now...

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