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Sunday, June 29, 2014

A Matter of Priorities

I am on vacation. Woot!

Now it is time to prioritize and organize my time for the rest of the week.

The big project I am working on needs to be solidified and put fully into motion. I'm hoping we are getting damn close to officially announcing it. I am as excited as a young child on Christmas morning, and I'm not allowed to open the presents yet. It's killing me!

The podcast with +Jason Paul McCartan and myself is nearing launch. Yes, there is talk of transcripts for those that have difficulty understanding a Scotsman and a New Yorker in the same conversation ;)

Reviews. A Shit ton of reviews.

I'm also thinking of making July a "31 Days of Gaming Content Month" - house rules, plot hooks, monsters, magic items, spells - one a day for 31 days. Yes, +Tim Shorts , I probably am insane, but I do hope to get a head start during the week of vacation ;)

Alright, time to head to the pub for dinner with the family...


  1. Awesome. See you Friday at OSWARP, and hopefully we can have a beer or two.

  2. I hope you're making a list of the crap you have going on. My god! Another project...Rachel ought to put you in a headlock.

  3. I guess this means you'll finally be getting to Technical Grappling! Yay!

    Also, for transcription, you'll want to talk to Christopher Rice. He's a machine, and an author, and a gamer.

  4. Have a great vacation and wow, sounds like you've got it jam-packed. Enjoy and boogie boogie.


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