Sunday, June 2, 2024

Final Sunday Before NTRPG

Final Sunday Before NTRPG
We're less than a week away from NTRPG, which means I'm "busier than a one-legged Indian in an ass-kicking race", as my grandpa used to say. There's always a few RPG projects that I'm trying to finish up and this year is no exception. I am though, throwing in the towel on probably half of my "things" because I just don't want the stress. Most of these things are for me and nobody will be the wiser on what doesn't see the light of day this particular convention.

No...this year will be much more laid-back than my norm. Between a work trip kicking my ass (I brought home a summer cold that I'm just recovering from) and some unexpected home repairs having to take up my most valuable of resources....oh, and my workplace kind of sort of tried to tell me I couldn't go to the con this year. Yeah, that wasn't going to fly. I take one scheduled vacation a year (NTPRG) and they can have me do whatever for the other 360 days of the year. They've had this on the books for a year and if management cannot get the manpower figured out, that's not my burden to bear.

So yeah...I'm not going to take on undue stress so I can enjoy myself.

NTRPG is basically the beginning of the summer convention season, so if you have things you need to do before Origins, or maybe GenCon.....here's your sign to check in on your state of affairs now.

I'm happy with the games I've gotten into to play, but I don't have and guests coming in this year like I've had in the past. Just gaming...some drinking, and giving Bad Mike too much money.....

Hopefully I'll have a good end-of-con report.

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