Monday, March 18, 2024

New Release - Tales of the Wolfguard (OSE)

Sandbox setting, adventure hooks, and more in a neat package for 2.99? Impossible you say? Not this time.

Priced at 2.99 in PDF (no print currently planned), Tales of the Wolfguard is priced at Deal of the Day pricing 365 days a year.

Released in February of this year, Tales of the Wolfguard is already a Gold Best Seller at DTRPG, with a solid 5-star rating.


Blizzard Vale is the northernmost province of the Empire, conquered with great endeavours centuries ago. It’s a frozen, hostile land with sparse patches of conifers, icy rivers, and lakes. The Wolfguard, an old garrison of soldiers and scouts, watches over the vale and protects the town of Ysvindur from the barbarian Elves and more sinister threats.

Tales of the Wolfguard is fully compatible with Old-School Essentials and most classic game RPGs.


  • The description and map of the frozen province of Blizzard Vale, its features, settlements, dwellers, factions and many secrets!
  • The description and map of the Faraway Den, the Wolfguard’s outpost. Rules to upgrade the den are also provided!
  • An introductory adventure to start telling the tales of the Wolfguard.
  • Seven encounter-related mini dungeons!
  • Legends, rumours, encounters and adventure inspirations for all the areas of the vale.
  • A random generator to create your quest plots!
  • 13 new monsters and extras!
  • Six pre-generated 3rd Level characters (each with its own background) to dive straight into the adventure with.
  • Original art by Alessandro Paderi.
  • An ambient soundtrack, specially composed for the module, to play during your game sessions!


  • Interactive hyperlinked index and text.
  • Color and printer-friendly versions of the module.

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