Friday, December 8, 2023

Save Some Kitties - Buy a DCC/ MCC/ Weird Frontiers Insulated Tumbler!

If you know David Baity and you should, it's likely because of his DCC RPG engine-powered stand-alone weird western Weird Frontiers RPG. You may also know David from his yearly Stray Kitty Benefit Raffle.

This year, David is still supporting stray kitties, but this year he is offering 20oz tumblers/ cups with DCC/ MCC/ Weird Frontiers logos with the proceeds helping a kitty in need. I'm simply adding bandwidth.

Heya folks! I won't be doing the annual charity raffle this year to raise cabbage for local feline shelters, but Joseph Goodman was kind enough to give permission to add DCC & MCC logos along with Weird Frontiers to have a limited run of 20oz cups made for charity. 

100% of profits from sales go directly towards helping feline rescues in my hometown. You guys know how dear the felines are to me, so this is my way of helping those who help them. Once the cups are gone they're gone, so please consider making one or more of them a present under the tree for your favorite gamer and helping a cat or kitten in need.

The easiest way for me to set this up is by a direct PayPal link and set a shipping included price of 35.00 for each cup. If you know of anyone not on FB that might be interested please let them know I'm selling them. Upon payment, you'll be asked to provide type/quantity/shipping address

I'll begin mailing cups as soon as boxes arrive this weekend and continue until they're gone. 


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