Saturday, December 9, 2023

OSR Christmas Kicks Off on December 11th - This Coming Monday!

Yep, OSR Christmas kicks off here at the Tenkar's Tavern Blog in 2 days, this coming Monday. There will be six days of gifting here on the blog side, four days on four consecutive weeks of Wednesday Nights' Talking Crit Live, as well as two of the Friday Night livestreams.

Here's what is currently in The Tavern's OSR Christmas Gift Closet, with much thanks to the generous donors. In no particular order:

From MonkeyBlood:

  • An Arduin Bundle with the hardcover trilogy 1-3, all the grimoires 4 - 9, and Vaults of the Weaver, which has 7 Dungeons in It. All printed material worth $155.00 bundle for Christmas Day! (Note - US Only)
From BRW Games:
  • A PDF Bundle including Book of Lost Lore, Book of Lost Beasts, and Book of Lost Tables
  • A PDF Bundle including Swords of Wuxia and Swords of Cthulhu
  • Four Bundles of BX Game Options Volume I-XII in PDF

From DiceBro:

  • 10 PDF Bundles of issues1-3 of Wizard Funk, an OSR zine
  •     2 Softcover copies of Holmes & Clark (OSR Ruleset)
  •     1 Hardcover copy of Holmes & Clark (OSR Ruleset)
  •    12 PDF copies of Holmes & Clark, along with digital goodies
  • 12 Sets of 12 PDFs (by my count) of James Mishler releases for Shadowdark as well as the Isle of Eldisor for Labyrinth Lord in PDF
From Tenkar's Tavern:
  • At least 12 $10 DTRPG Gift Certificates. There may be additional physical gifts mailed out from The Tavern
OSR Christmas Gifting Days will be open for comments for at least 48 hours each. 

OSR Christmas Gifting on the Livestream will happen at approximately 9 pm on the nites of the livestreams in question. Gifting will use the Streamyard Giveaway app to determine gift receivers. You MUST comment in the livestream chat 5 minutes or so before the random determination for the app to include you in the gifting.

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  1. How many years has this been for OSR Christmas, including this one? It's a great tradition.

  2. Fun! First time following with this event. Is it a daily type of thing with drawings and such for commenters and what not?


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