Tuesday, November 21, 2023

OSR Christmas 2023 - Getting the Ducks in Line

Yep, it's that most, wonderous time of the year. No, I'm not talking about Turkey Day. No, I'm talking about OSR Christmas.

The first OSR Christmas was in 2013, so this will make the 11th year that The Tavern has hosted the annual event.

When does OSR Christmas kick off? Early December. Current plans are to run it on the Blog Side (right here) AND on The Tavern's YouTube channel, on our livestreams. Current expectations are six days on the blog, four days on the Wednesday Night livestreams, and two days on the Friday Night livestreams.

The Tavern will be putting a minimum of $250 in DTRPG gift certificates over the various days, as well as - hopefully - some physical prizes from The Tavern's Duplicates Closet.

Every year, we see the generosity of publishers, big and small, as they donate gifts for OSR Christmas, and I expect no less this year. If you are a publisher - or simply a generous fan, email me at TENKARSdotTAVERN at that Gmail thing with OSR Christmas 2023 in the subject, and let me know if you have gifts to donate. Physical gifts are always enjoyed, but PDFs can travel the world and cost ZERO shipping.

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