Monday, November 6, 2023

Kickstarter - Reaper Miniatures - Dungeon Dwellers Roleplaying Game

A classic fantasy RPG with daring heroes, fabulous wealth, and untold danger. Designed for new and experienced roleplayers.

There is no current shortage of OSR rulesets, and there seems to be no end to them. One of the latest rulesets to be Kickstarted is Dungeon Dwellers Roleplaying Game from Reaper Miniatures. Yes, that Reaper's Miniatures.

I remember Reaper Miniatures from my early days in the hobby but truly appreciated them when the various Bones Kickstarters hit the crowdfunding market. Amazing values and high quality are hallmarks of Reaper in my experience.

So, for the Dungeon Dwellers RPG Kickstarter, I am looking at the Collector's Box-level pledge. Three core books (in print plus PDF), a set of RPG dice (we all need more dice), fortune tokens, 17 minis (with more possible with further stretch goals), 2 PDF adventures, a sourcebook, and the box for 99 bucks. I do think that is the sweet spot.

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