Friday, November 10, 2023

A WTF? Kickstarter - Rose Whip Dice II: Unique Metal Polyhedral RPG Dice Set

A distinctive Rose Whip-inspired collection, meticulously crafted to enhance your role-playing with a flourish of elegance

Sometimes, things sound good but aren't feasible in real life. Such is the case with Rose Whip Dice II (there was a first?) If you can't read the numbers on the dice, it's worthless. The Rose and Blue dice pictured above and below? Totally worthless. Unless you are looking to cheat in your RPGs - in which case, totally worth it ;)

Why make, let alone sell, dice that aren't readable without holding it up to your eyes?

Thankfully, it isn't going to fund, and these dice can be relegated to the circular file.

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1 comment:

  1. Tenkar, I hate overpriced sucker dice as much as anyone, but if you honestly can't see the numbers on those facets from well over arm's reach you need to talk to your optometrist badly. The color contrast could be better but they're far from unreadable.


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