Saturday, September 2, 2023

Kickstarter - Combat Banes and Boons, Unforgettable Crits in Fantasy RPGs

What is that you say? A new Kickstarter from Phil Reed? Impossible! Heh. Phil is back with his Combat Banes and Boons, Unforgettable Crits in Fantasy RPGs Kickstarter.

Combat Banes and Combat Boons are critical failure and critical success results designed to make your skirmishes a tad more . . . interesting. Presented as a print-on-demand book or as print-on-demand cards, created by Lex Morgan and Philip Reed, these critical results may cause the heroes trouble (Banes) or might give the adventurers an unexpected benefit (Boons).  

NOTE: The project was originally conceived as two 50-card decks. We created the collected book edition for those gamemasters who prefer to use books over cards. Or, if you wish, you could hand the card decks to the players and use the book as a reference.

These rules were created for use with most editions and variants of the classic ampersand fantasy roleplaying game. (You know, the one that includes both the dungeons as well as the many dragons.) Gamemasters will need to apply their best judgment to resolving each entry, and clever GMs can no doubt use these ideas in almost any fantasy game of their choosing.

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