Thursday, May 18, 2023

Bundle of Holding - Dungeon Age (Adventure Modules for 5e and B/X)

I hadn't heard of Joseph R. Lewis, the author of these adventure modules before seeing this bundle, but I have to say, at a buck and a half an adventure, I'm in.

Adventurer! This all-new Dungeon Age Adventures Quick Deal presents ten short tabletop fantasy roleplaying modules in the Dungeon Age series by writer and game designer Joseph R. Lewis. Set on Joseph's ancient world of Harth (inspired by classic fantasy authors like Jack Vance, Michael Moorcock, and Fritz Leiber), and presented in dual versions for Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition and for Old School Revival-style retroclones, these ready-to-run Dungeon Age scenarios fit easily into any ongoing fantasy campaign. Explore a toxic city (Acid Metal Howl) – ride a flying merchant ship across the Great Sand Sea (Desert Angel Fiasco) – try to escape a cursed village (Witches of Frostwyck) – and two of these modules are titled, accurately, Kraken Corpse Delve and Orbital Vampire Tower.

For just US$14.95 you get all ten modules in our Dungeon Age Collection (retail value $66) as DRM-free ebooks, each presented in versions for both D&D Fifth Edition and for old-school B/X-style retroclones such as Old-School Essentials.

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