Friday, May 19, 2023

Kickstarter - OSE Quest for the Ruby Heart Adventure Path #1

Old-School Essentials introductory module and comic book, Palace of the Golden Princess

It's interesting to watch the success of OSR Kickstarters after the OGL fiasco by WotC earlier this year. Wizards practically gave steroids to their competition, at all levels, by instilling a 5e backlash in the general gaming environment. 

The Quest for the Ruby Heart Kickstarter for OSE is one of those Kickstarters set to ride the anti-WotC wave. Funded and then some within hours after launch, Preston has a history of putting out professional comic book releases. Quest for the Ruby Heart is his first OSE release, and it includes the first two issues of Palace of the Golden Princess. Oh, and STL files for 3D-printed miniatures. You get all this in PDF for 10 bucks or 29 bucks for print plus PDF.

This Kickstarter offers...
...a 28 page full color adventure written for the Old School Essentials system. If you are interested in seeing that 5e version of it, click here for a free copy. 

I took the spirit of the original B3 adventure to create a femdom town next to a dungeon to explore. I went a bit further and created a world for this adventure, behold!

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