Monday, March 27, 2023

Kickstarter - D100 Dungeon Hooks, Fantasy RPG Encounters by Philip Reed

These 100 encounter hooks were created for use with fantasy roleplaying games. Each hook includes enough info to inspire the GM.

It's from Phil Reed. Need I say more? 

D100 Dungeon Hooks, Fantasy RPG Encounters by Philip Reed Kickstarter is 5 bucks in PDF, 6 bucks for PDF plus POD, and 12 bucks plus shipping for saddle stitched print plus PDF.

I'm in for the saddle-stitched print :)

Created by Philip Reed (PDFs available at DriveThruRPG), this collection of D100 encounter hooks was designed for use with most fantasy roleplaying games. Primarily a source of inspiration for the gamemaster, each of the enclosed hooks details just enough of an idea to get the GM's imagination running. Mix, match, and modify every single one of the d100 hooks to suit the specifics of your preferred game system and campaign setting. 

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