Sunday, March 26, 2023

Get Your Zine on: Black Pudding #7

Get Your Zine on: Black Pudding #7
My favorite Black Pudding Cover
One of the biggest perks of this Sunday gig that Erik has given me is that I have carte blanche to type whatever I feel like. Probably doesn't help drive numbers here at the Tavern, but I do get to share cool things I come across from friends and internet associates......

....like the Kickstarter for Black Pudding Issue 7 "from" JV West (The Kickstarter is from a publisher, but it's his stuff). While I'm not a fan of all his stuff, I love that he does his own thing and so much of his art, and writing, just screams "cool gonzo OSR". Now I'm just a fan of Zines in general, but the Black Pudding series is chock full of odd/weird character classes, monsters, and art....lots of art.

One Page PC Class

The Kickstarter is specifically for a print copy of #7 along with a gaming journal, but if you just want the Zine as a PDF, they're currently PWYW over at DTRPG. I just picked up issue #7 (I have already backed the Kickstarter).

If you aren't familiar with JV West/Random Order Creations, I'd recommend starting with the Black Pudding Zines, but if you need a cool one-off adventure I was a big fan of Howler. I did a spoiler-free review of that adventure back in.....2014(?!). 

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