Wednesday, December 14, 2022

OSR Christmas - Gift List Current as of December 14, 2022

Yep, it's that time of year - OSR Christmas is here!

OSR Christmas kicked off earlier tonight on The Tavern's Youtube Channel. Day 2 will be here, at the Tenkar's Tavern Blog. Different gifts will be awarded on all 12 days.

Here is the current gift list:

Hyperborea – Print Set from KS with Damaged Players’ Book – Tavern (US Only)

$10 DTRPG GC12 Days 11 Days- Tavern (1 gifted already)

OSR Refrigerator Magnets10 pieces 9 pieces – Thad Moore (1 gifted already)

Fire in the Hohle – 1 Print (US Only) / 1 PDF – Silver Bulette

Splinters of Faith (5e) or Assortment of SC Modules (OSR) - Zach / FGG (US Only)

Shadowdark PDFs – Full Set of 4 – 12 Sets 11 Sets – James Mishler (1 gifted already)

Dice Tower and Tray – Set (US Only) – Archania Workshop

Bad Mike Miscellany – US Only (Gifted)

Random Tenkar Box of Goodies – US Only

Arduin Grimoires 1 – 9 – single set – Emperors Choice (final day of OSR Christmas)

Arduin Map12 Copies 11 Copies – Emperors’ Choice (1 gifted already)

Gifts will be given here at The Tavern, on The Tavern's Youtube Channel via live streams, and via The Tavern's Substack (subscribers will be automatically eligible to be gifted).

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  1. Secret Santacore- My journey into Barrowmaze with S&W started a couple of weeks ago with the S&W book I was gifted from the Twelve days of OSR Christmas. It's a very special time for me, I love to bring a Santacore- into the game, I describe them to look like Bob Brinkman

    1. These are the holiday stories I like to hear!

  2. Wonderful list as always. Thanks to generous donors.


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