Friday, December 2, 2022

Kickstarter - Bizarre Citizens and Foes, for Use With Fantasy RPGs

Two tiny booklets, each a d66 collection of NPC concepts to drop into your OSR fantasy roleplaying game. Created by Philip Reed.

You had me with Phil Reed on the tin :)

Yes, as usual, you can back for as little as a buck and get TWO PDFs and stretch goals, for less than the price of a can of Coke. Yep, Bizarre Citizens and Foes is another amazing Phil Reed Kickstarter.

Following the success of the Bizarre Blades and Torches Kickstarter campaign, and because I had so much fun writing those tiny booklets, I've decided to tackle another wave of (approximately) A6-sized fantasy RPG supplements. This time around, the bulk of the work is focused on NPC ideas that gamemasters may flesh out and throw into their campaigns. 

With your support, I'll produce at least two -- and possibly as many as four! -- different (approximately) A6-sized booklets. The titles in question are:

  • Bizarre Citizens - 16 pages. A d66 collection of NPCs that may be encountered in a fantasy city or town.
  • Bizarre Foes - 16 pages. d66 NPCs who may prove to be less than helpful during the campaign.
  • Bizarre Seafolk - 16 pages. A selection of d66 NPCs, but this time focused on denizens of the seas. $5,000 stretch goal. Unlocked.
  • Bizarre Chests - 16 pages. This d66 collection of trunks, chests, lockboxes, and more exists solely to give the GM some more ideas on where to hide valuables. $7,500 stretch goal. Unlocked.

NOTE: All page counts include covers, inside covers, and the guts of the booklet. These tiny works are designed as a quick source of inspiration for the busy gamemaster who always needs more ideas before the next session.


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