Wednesday, August 31, 2022

As Promised, Complete C&D Letter on Behalf of TSR/LaNasa can be Downloaded Below

As I promised in this morning video, I'm making the complete Cease & Desist letter that was sent to me earlier this month on behalf of Justin LaNasa / TSR Games available below. Feel free to watch the videos that Justin's attorney failed to actually do.

Note: Yes, it includes my full name and address. I've been doxed by those associated with nuTSR several times. The info is in the wild. I'm sure If I tried to obscure it, they would simply dox me again.

Download the PDF of the complete C&D letter here

In addition, I am attaching the "anonymouse" email that referred to the C&D, at a time when I had not publicly shared knowledge of the C&D. I'll let you guess as the the source of the "anonymouse" email.

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  1. Interesting ... you are right. Watch the video and you use definitely use the word "sue" not "kill" at the 1:12 mark as stated so the lawyer just took cash to write whatever they were told to with no actual research of their own.

  2. That lawyer is definitely taking Lanasa for a ride. I hope they asked to get paid up front.

  3. I'd fire that lawyer based on his/her/their lousy punctuation skills.

  4. They are such a despicable crew. A family of grifters, going back to the EGG.


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