Saturday, July 23, 2022

Update - Tenkar's Minions Shirt has Arrived - Should be Available for the Masses Before the End of Summer

I very much like the quality of the Tenkar's Minions shirt I received, but the vendor I used does not have its own marketplace. Still, it showed me that the art will reproduce well. The next step is to try RedBubble or the like.

I will likely take orders for pick-up at Shire Con in September from the original vendor, but they only offered up to 2x, and as gamers that is similar to a Gamers' Large ;) Another reason to use RedBubble is they offer up to 5x.

As the art was donated to the community, all shirts will be sold AT COST when they are available. There are other ways to support The Tavern and they are linked below.

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