Tuesday, April 26, 2022

Deal of the Day - Bottomless Pit of Zorth (OSR Adventure)

I have to admit, I'm a bit of an adventure junkie. No, not in real life, but I enjoy reading adventures, especially adventures written for the OSR. Its few and far between where I run them as written, but I mine the shit out of them for the sessions I run. 

Bottomless Pit of Zorth is today's Deal of the Day, written for OSRIC/OSR for a party of levels 3 to 5. I wish they mentioned the level range on the sales page, but I'll forgive that sin. Sure, it's on the cover, but you'll only be able to read that bit if you click on the thumbnail. Bottomless Pit of Zorth is normally 7.50 in PDF, but until tomorrow morning, it's on sale for 4.50.

This OSRIC/OSR adventure can be run as a stand-alone or as part of the Gunderholfen and Darkness at Nekemte setting. It includes approximatlely 65 keyed locations + random site/event and encounter tables. It's heavy on curious oddities; viscous oozes; and squishy, mutated monstrosities, with a healthy dose of push-the-red-button and see-what-happens interaction thrown in for good measure. 

The Bottomless Pit of Zorth has stood as a place of inscrutable mystery and dread since time immemorial, yet not few of the brave and reckless have tried their luck within its deep and reportedly never ending depths. Those lucky enough to survive can attest to its apparent bottomless nature, but spoke more of the alienness and oddness of the place: the unfathomable purpose of the giant rotating pin that pierces down into the depths; the otherworldly machinery; and the crazed and demented denizens that for reasons unknown defended the hellish hole. These survivors often left with a sense that there was a deliberate design and purpose to the Pit and that a terrible but inhuman intellect ruled and guided all, though none have yet seen or met this assuredly dreadful master.


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