Friday, April 8, 2022

Deal of the Day - ACKS Domains at War: The Complete Set (OSR)

I remember participating in a Domains of War playtest in Manhattan years ago. We had a blast using mass combat rules in the environs around Dwimmermount. In my humble experience, everything published for the ACKS system has been excellent, and easy to migrate to the OSR system of your choice.

Today's DTRPG Deal of the Day is ACKS Domains at War: The Complete Set. If you've ever wanted to bring mass combat and the intrigue of war to your OSR campaign, here's your chance to do so at an affordable price.

Until tomorrow morning at 11 AM Eastern, ACKS Domains at War: The Complete Set in PDF is discounted from 14 bucks to 5.60, a 60% discount!

Domains at War™ brings the full sweep of fantasy warfare to tabletop gaming and role-playing campaigns. The Domains at War Complete Set offers three interlocking systems to cover the full sweep of military struggles in a fantasy, ancient, or medieval world:

  • A quick mass combat rule system for use in any role-playing game that uses concepts like hit points and armor class
  • A comprehensive campaign toolkit for use in ongoing games, fully compatible with the Adventurer Conqueror King System's rules for mercenaries, strongholds, magic, and rulership
  • A fast-playing tactical wargame derived from these systems, so that playing a battle generates outcomes like what you'd get if you fought it out on the one-on-one roleplaying scale

The Domains at War Complete Set comes with two rulebooks, Campaigns and Battles, as well as 12 pages of printable full-color counters for units, leaders, spells, and terrain and a 4' x 3' PDF battlemap for tabletop warfare.

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  1. Loves me some ACKS and this a great expansion!

  2. Awesome game. Wish a lot more people played it.


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