Tuesday, December 14, 2021

OSR Christmas - Awarding the Day 4 Gifts (note - we have unclaimed gifts from prior days)

Alright, it is time to designate those that are to receive the OSR Christmas Day 4 Gifts. Woot! Let's have at it.

Amazing, complete collection of New Big Dragon goodies!

    Rob Gustafson


Emperors Choice Games and Miniatures is giving away Volumes IV through IX of Arduin (six books!), in print, to one lucky gift receiver (US ONLY for this package)

    The Malum


MCC "Seekers of the Un-K'Nown" PDF (anywhere in the world)

     The RealEpi


 DCC "Perils of the Sunken City" PDF (anywhere in the world)

     David Cinabro


 ONE $10 DTRPG Gift Certificate to one non-US commenter.



The above need to contact me at tenkarsDOTtavern at that gmail thing, with OSR Christmas Day 4 in the Subject.

OSR Christmas Day 5 will launch shortly :)

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