Friday, December 24, 2021

Christmas Eve Thoughts - Gaming and Beyond

Earlier today we had a really amazing dinner and gift exchange at my sister's house. My niece, Shannon, gave me some amazing gifts and reminded me of the simple blessing of being an uncle.

Parking was horrible upon returning home, so I dropped off my parents and Rach, before spending nearly 30 minutes looking for parking, finally finding a spot a 10-minute walk from home. 

Fate was in my favor, because our local church was but a block away from where I parked, and I was able to say a few prayers before walking to the house.

Which almost didn't happen, as a block later, crossing in the crosswalk, I was nearly run into by a careless driver making a turn and likely thinking they had found a parking spot - it was a hydrant instead.

The driver "didn't see me" (their words), which is quite likely, as they turned the corner so sharply I expect they thought they were sliding into a hard sought-after parking spot.

My heart rate spiked about 25 beats according to my watch, and it took me another 2 blocks to appreciate what had actually happened.

Not the near accident. That wasn't an important event. It's what didn't happen, or the end result of what didn't happen.

A healthy and living me.

I'm alive, after a 2020 that could easily have flipped that script. Tonight could have flipped that script. On Christmas Eve.

Instead, I'm here, typing away, marveling at my blessings and appreciating what I have.

Today and tomorrow, heck, the whole entire year, are not times to mourn what you've lost, but to appreciate what you have.

I am truly blessed, by family, friends and community.

I'll try to improve on myself a little more in the coming months. I'll continue attempting to give back, both to my local community and our gaming community.

I have some thoughts on such, probably more on that as we get closer to the new year.

In the meantime, may God bless you all, and may your holy season be blessed - Tenkar


  1. Merry Christmas, Erik! Glad you were spared once more and got home safe on Christmas Eve.

  2. Awesome (the NOT happening part, I mean) Merry Christmas Erik!

  3. Another brush with death! You must have 9 lives, hoss. Merry Christma'as to all!

  4. I've been reading your forums for a long time, but never speak up. I will today. I'm glad you continue to have your health and happiness, so please stay safe out there with your loved ones. Merry Christmas to an amazing person! Take care.

  5. Merry Christmas Erik. Glad you are safe. Many safe returns to all


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