Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Indiegogo - The Folio: Black Label #7

I've shared posts of The Folio in the past, and The Folio: Black Label is kinda like a reserve whiskey. It might not fit the tastes of all Folio fans, but it certainly adds something different to the mix.

With The Folio: Black Label #7, Art of the Genre introduces gamers to our newest sexy swords & sorcery duo, Imani the priestess of Bast, and Daiyu the wu-jen/ninja.  Together, these two will take our adult themed gaming to the latest uncharted area of The Nameless Realms, the Steppes of Arcania, in a brand new trilogy of adventures!

Join these two as they find even more trouble than one can imagine, and witness just what kinds of delights they utilize to defeat their amorous enemies.  The Folio: Black Label #7 should inspire any gamer who is looking to spice up their table sessions with some dark, and sometimes comical, adult role-playing situations inspired by the 'B' fantasy movies of the 1980's.

I kinda regard The Folio: Black Label series of releases as Venger without the sleeze yet with the sex appeal. The fact that Scott has been consistant with high quality art across the various Folio releases is simply extra awesome

The Folio: Black Label #7 is 10 bucks in PDF, 20 bucks (plus shipping) for the Print plus PDF.

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