Thursday, September 30, 2021

Kickstarter - Arcane Scrollworks: Ascension

There are few Kickstarters that catch my attention for doing something different and interesting. The Arcane Scrollworks: Ascension Kickstarter falls into that category. I'm not sure what I'd actually use these scrolls for, but that doesn't matter.

This Kickstarter is simply FUCKING cool! What will I use it for, I'm not sure, but damn, it will certainly bring a different level of gameplay to my table. I'll let the pictures talk.

Greeting aficionados of the arcane, welcome to the next level in SkeletonKey Games’ series of bespoke scrolls. Arcane Scrollworks: Ascension brings some of the most iconic spells from fantasy gaming into reality as hand-finished props. This campaign focuses on both 5th and 6th level spells and brings in a series of scrolls inspired by Mörk Borg thanks to their third-party license. Use these scrolls to bring depth and detail to your RPG or LARP by adding them to your character or next treasure haul, gifting them to spell casting players, or decorating your game room with them.

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